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Our English index was rated the most comprehensive, and user-friendly in Israel. We connect you to every portal in Israel, the Middle East, and around the World. We provide you with 24 hour real-time news on different issues including Israeli top stories, Jewish issues, Anti-Semitism, Middle East stories, TV & Entertainment, Stocks, Jobs, Venture Capital, IPO News and fashion.  

We link you to Israel's large Portals in all categories including News, Sports, Entertainment, Dating, Business, Technology, eCommerce, Jobs, Education, Restaurants, ISPs, Government, and Shopping.  We bring you every week the latest new Israeli sites added to our index, the 'hot' topics from the Israeli and foreign press, and also our recommendation for "Site of the Week".  

In addition, our index keeps track of Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israeli issues around the globe.  We recently started a list of personas non-grata to Israel in an effort to increase your awareness about public figures and anti-Semitic journalists who often publish one-sided propaganda against Israel. So be careful Saramago, Fisk, Diusenberg, and friends. We are watching you !

If you compare our Portal to all other remaining Israeli portals, we provide you the same information, and search capabilities at no charge. We don't overwhelm you with banners, we don't spam, we don't try to sell you casino pop-up windows, and we don't sign you up for useless newsletters that you will never read.   

Microsoft's slogan says "Where do you want to go today?" and Nortel Networks asked "What do YOU want the Internet to be ?" Instead of asking the questions, we prefer to give YOU the answers, and tell you How the Internet should Be.

Our index does not include personal sites from Tom, Dick and Harry with pictures of their family & pets that no one cares.! So don't bother sending us your personal site. No one cares, and neither do we.

In Israel's new internet playground, most newspapers want to be Portals, and most Portals want to be newspapers. We say, stick to what you do best.!

So what's our Mission?  To be "The Mother of all Portals".. just one quick click before you go anywhere !

GoIsrael's vision is to provide the stepping stone for visitors with an interest in Israel and Jewish related issues to the vast resources the Internet can offer. He called the site: "Israel's Mother of all Portals"  Today, GoIsrael powers several targeted portals including a search engine powered by Google (Israelo.com), an Online Dating Site for Jewish all over the world jIsrael.com a city portal to RamatAviv.com, also the Holy Land Premier Hotel Guide oIsrael.com and a targeted portal for Israel's Eyewear Industry (Eyewear.co.il) More projects are in the making... Please log on to ilDomain.com

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